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Parks and gardens never seemed more important than during covid lockdowns, more precious than ever under threat from global warming. Not just critical in our physical environment, the lungs of our planet, but green spaces are also deep rooted in our culture at personal, local and global levels.

The feel of wet grass under my feet transports me to childhood gardens, cartwheeling over hissing, sprinklers. A border of bright dahlia’s conjures an image of my grandma posing proudly by her bed of almost luminous blooms. A collection of alpines triggers a sensation of picnic sticky fingers pulling me to play hide and seek on the mountain, the name my children gave to a patch of rockery in our local park.

Woodland, gardens, parks, wasteland and riverbanks are sites of individual stories, local narratives and global connections.


Our Story

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The virtual garden project will make accessible, on a phone, a series of interconnected green spaces from five cities around the globe. Available to download as an App online and promoted in the participating spaces in the five cities, users will, through the App be immersed in 360 videos of these spaces with layers of text, sound and botanical prints guiding their exploration and providing a narrative experience.

Users will pass from one garden to another connected by common plants. So, a Fatsia Japonica in Liverpool may lead users to a Fatsia Japonica in Shanghai. The layers of the gardens will peel back to reveal shared plant cultures and history. Stories of migration, empire, food and celebration, folklore and healing. Narratives will be added by botanists, gardeners, and visitors to the garden, to form a compendium of plants that will be accessed by plant lables in the garden triggering text, sound files and illustrations. Garden visitors will be encouraged to collect cuttings that they can download and share on social media through virtual Wardian cases, and these devices will also be used for visitors to connect their own stories to specimens in the gardens as text or audio files thereby sharing their experience, knowledge, stories of plants with others in different parts of the world.

Our Clients

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