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In 2019 I had my first experience of botanical printing at a class with Maggie Pearson in Sefton Park Palm House and became obsessed with making prints using plant materials from my garden and the surrounding area. 
Leaning over fences, crossing waste ground, stretching up into trees, I collect specimens that grow everywhere. Irrespective of boundaries, plants find their own spaces, in cracks in pavements, sprouting from old buildings, creeping under railings, over walls, deposited as seeds by birds, blown into gardens.


Footpaths, hedges, the local park are all interconnected with private gardens and abandoned ground, not just by the weather that passes through them but by all manner of plant, bird, animal and people interactions. 

This website is a sketchbook exploring ideas about the interconnection of spaces through VR and age old interconnections through plants, working towards a more ambitious project, a virtual garden experience and includes a  botanical print garden, a journey through botanical space and a prototype virtual garden.

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